How many things? Only 23.

{May 10, 2012}   About me

I’m going to be super-lazy and link to the about me page on my other library blog! No doubt more about me will come out later, I think we have to reflect on our career thus far etc. What I’ll say here is technically I’m not a practising librarian any more, but I work with and for libraries; I live and work in Aberystwyth, Wales; I’ve been adopted by a cat; I’m also a yoga teacher; I’m a Welsh learner of some considerable years; I like reading (I’m allowed to say that, yes?); I like cycling and sometimes just about like jogging; and I’m very green. (Not in skin tone, obviously, for I am not a toad, or a monster or an alien, although I am from Planet Vegan.)

NB I wrote this as a ‘page’ but it appears pages don’t work in this theme. Nae matter, it’s a separate post now.


Nia Ellis says:

Good to see you here too. Just come back from a run and an endorphin high is giving me the confidence to blog, tweet and comment – but should probably have a shower first.

I love the runners’ high, but find the running bit slightly less fun! The joy of blogging and commenting is that you can do it whilst sweaty, and no one would know (except you’ve just told us all…)!

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