How many things? Only 23.

{May 10, 2012}   And we’re off!

Have just taken the plunge and registered with CPD 23 Things. It started Monday 7th May, so I’m only a few days behind already. I’m sure that won’t happen for the rest of the 23 weeks (err…. actually, knowing me, it will!).

Although I have another library blog, and a little-bit-abandoned Welsh language library blog, and a yoga blog (not connected to my library job obviously), I thought I’d have a separate 23 Things blog as I didn’t want my library one to get littered with my ramblings and reflections, and, most people probably won’t want to sign up to follow this, whereas I want all the followers I can get on my library (and yoga) blogs!

Thing 1 – Done.


Hi Alyson,
I love the layout and presentation of your blog – it definitely draws me in and makes me want to read more.
How are you finding cpd23 so far? I managed to get behind already so I’m catching up now!

Hi Kelly, thanks for the vote of confidence! It was quite an impulse choice as I flicked through the WordPress themes, but I really like it to! Where are you working/living? You don’t say on your blog… is that all part of the plan?! You’ll have to reveal yourself in Thing 3. I’m (semi) used to blogging (having done it for a year) but still find the ‘fitting it all in in a week bit quite hard’. See you around!

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