How many things? Only 23.

{May 11, 2012}   Who else is out there? (Thing 2)

Well, I thought I’d start off in Wales so checked out fellow 23Thingers on the Delicious account, and currently there’s a small select band, some of whom are yet to populate their blogs. However I did find a fellow librarian and friend hiding under a green stone, another librarian I know in Aberystwyth (Nia) and a library student at Aber Uni. I then left Wales and skimmed the list of 23Things particpants and saw Veggie Haggis and had to click on that one, being notionally Scottish and vegetarian (vegan) myself.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll explore the list in more depth to see else who’s around – I may know some more people!

I feel a teeny bit of an imposter for not working in libraries myself, unlike the small selection of other 23Thingers that I looked at, however, for my job I stay up to date with many topics including marketing, social media, library research, online stuff, information literacy, e-books, buildings/space, workforce develompent, impact and evaluation, and so on. But if we start getting into the nitty gritty of people describing and sharing about creating an online learning object or linking reading lists to the catalogue from the VLE I’m going to come a little bit unstuck!

Back to the blog-o-sphere though. The library blogs I follow  are many and various and I use Netvibes RSS feeds to manage them*. I try to follow quite a lot of the Wales library blogs, as well as the Scottish Libraries blog and many others eg Digital Shift. Annonyingly, my Netvibes feed is slow and cronky on my work computer so I don’t end up looking at as many library blogs as I used to. At home I follow various yoga, feminist and eco blogs – yep, I could fit in a stereotype if you want!

*One day I’ll finally get round to creating the public display feed thingy which means other people can see what feeds you subscribe to, and make it public somewhere on this or my work library blog. I’ve been saying that for a year+.

Thing 2 – Done


Sam Oakey says:

V nice to see you here but sorry if it’s impinging on quality yoga / cake / vegging time!

I can’t get on with Netvibes – maybe I’m not a visual sort of person? – so it’s Google Reader which is clunky but in consequence not too bad on slow (work) PCs. If you ever share your feeds, I’m sure you have some vegan cooking ones I’d like to follow on there! I’ve been using Pinterest for following food things as well although it can make you very hungry :o(

Hi Sam, at home I do follow a few vegan websites – I have a different Netvibes page at home from at work. I don’t see it as visual though. Haven’t got into Pinterest yet. Perhaps I ought to make a cake this weekend. Oh, I made your adapted carrot cake one and like the icing for it!

Sam Oakey says:

Just printed and and potentially for this weekend! Have made the lemon pudding already and it was YUM! Real easy too.

I can see this turning into a vegan food fest, rather than cpd on Internet/other thingies! I’ll let you know what I make!

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