How many things? Only 23.

{July 4, 2012}   Awaiting Evernote (Thing 9)

I’ve had to put Thing 9 on hold (Evernote) as I can’t access it in work as it’s classed as a banned site. I’m discussing this with the powers that be.

I could of course look at it at home and consider if it would be useful for me. Judging by some of the other blog posts on this, and the eulogising from friend/colleague Sharon Crossan, it could be really useful. But then, if I do look at it at home and decide it’s going to be v.useful for me to help organise my work and make notes in conferences, gather info about topics, remove the need for emailing myself links etc, but it remains blocked in work, it won’t be that useful will it?



Kick the IT people up the arse, mucho hardo. The Internet is a conversation, there shouldn’t be a gag on it. Conversations can be about work too. Why do large organisations get their frilly knickers in a twist about this?

Hi Karl, they don’t mind conversations online or the Internet, but this site is classed as online storage and has issues of security, particularly with restricted information. However, they have said that if I look at it at home and judge whether I would find it useful for my work, then I can seek approval for it to be unblocked. So, I need to look at it now as I don’t even know if it’s something that I will find useful for me and my ways of organising things.

What a weird site to block! Is there a specific reason or just some kind of blanket ban?

Hi Sam, certain categories of sites are blocked. This one is classed as online storage which can pose issues of security if restricted material is placed there. However, it’s not a ‘no never ever’ [ha, evernote!] ban as they will consider all requests if there is a work purpose.

What bothers me is that the Welsh Government doesn’t trust its employees. If the Government doesn’t trust itself, why should we trust it?

To be fair I think in some of the cases of blocking it’s not a trust thing, but more of a security issue. Restricted/classified documents are probably slightly more at risk of being found in an online storage area than on an internal closed system. In general though I agree that organisations should become less risk averse and more trusting of their employees in the field of social media.

Nia Ellis says:

Coming from HE, it just sounds extremely bizarre. On the good side, it’s one less thing for you to do 😉

People in HE don’t know how lucky they are! Many public librarians can’t even access blogs. I’m pretty lucky compared to them!

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