How many things? Only 23.

{July 6, 2012}   Evernote – the sequel (Thing 9)

Given that work had blocked Evernote, I looked at it at home. The IT people did say that if, after looking into it at home, I could see valuable ways of using it in work I could apply to get it unblocked.

However, after giving it a go, I have decided it’s not quite right for me right now (sorry Sharon and Sam!). I created notes, tasks, a diary entry (which didn’t look like a diary to me), clipped a picture and had a nosy round. However, I can’t quite see how it would save me time and effort at work or at home.

If I’m at home I don’t tend to use an electronic device to remind me to do things – I save urls in the bookmark bar if I’m keeping them to view for later, and if I come across something suitable for work I just email it to myself which is one click. I can understand that you can save things into Evernote, but, I’d have to then remember when I was in work that I’d got something in Evernote for X project or for so-and-so.

I can appreciate that if you’re researching something you can clip and save all the things you need to in one place and sub folder in Evernote, and you could be typing up conference notes into one folder. But, for me, if I’m researching something when I’m in work I’ll be saving information into a Word document. And I don’t do much research at home. I also don’t always have an electronic device with me in meetings or conferences so tend to use pen & paper for note taking. In some conferences I have used the work laptop to make conference notes, so I could have used it then I suppose. But I can’t see how that would be massively different from just typing the notes into Word.

I can see that if I had a mobile device which was always on and had the widget for that then it could become more useful. But for now, it’s something I’ll leave on one side.

A by-product of doing this thing though, was using a sneak-around system that means you don’t have to create an account just to try a web service out. I was recommended to use Bugmenot – you go to the website, type in the website of the service you want to try, and it gives you a trial login and password. So you can get in, see all the functionality, give it a go, but haven’t had to sign up or create an account. Genius!


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