How many things? Only 23.

{November 2, 2012}   It’s all over now, 23Things

I made it to the end, woo! Cue celebration time!

So, it got a little ropey in the middle (timewise), but I managed to get back on track and mostly keep in sync with the programme.

This final thing, Thing 23, is more reflecting, considering, moving on, and we’re asked to do various things. One of which is to write a six word story about our experience. Here’s mine, which I came up with in the shower this morning:

CPD23Things: learnt stuff, made (re-)connections, useful.

So, what did I specifically learn then? Well, I went through the list of 23 things and these are the ones that I learnt the most on, or have taken on board: (part of Thing 4), Prezi (Thing 17), and most definitely screencasts (Thing 18). There were a couple where I think I would have possibly found them useful in work, if they worked in work (eg Evernote, Google docs/drive, and Dropbox). Also, a top tip I picked up from Green Stone Librarian was using online reference tools for keeping a list of research reports read etc. This is something I would like to follow up and actually put into practice.

Because of my age, where I am in my career and my future short, mid and long term plans, I found some of the Things were aimed more at ‘new professionals’ and so a little less relevant for me, but that isn’t really a problem, and it meant they were a bit quicker to complete!

I did personally find there to be a bit TOO much reflecting, pondering or thinking about your past, at times – I would have maybe liked more time on some of the things where several useful tools were crammed into one e.g. Thing 13 or Thing 4, but other than that, I can’t really fault the programme at all.

It was excellent to be able to proceed at one’s own pace, and see how others felt about the same tools.

Thing23 suggests we look not only at what we’ve learnt, but also any potential gaps, and also link it into a personal training programme. Where I work we have a performance management programme which includes a document with your five SMART objectives for the year, and your training needs to achieve those. We have a mid-term review (just had it – all fine) and an end of year review. This 23Things was in my training programme.

What do I want to do next? Well, in the short and medium term I’m planning to stay in my current post, all being well! 23Things has helped me specifically with communication tools and I am wondering if that’s an area I want to explore more.

I will definitely be keeping my library blog going, but not this one. I will also be keeping my yoga blog going, but that’s part of my other life! I’ll also keep on twittering (@libalyson), and using

Finally, I couldn’t end without a reference to a great comedy line that I’ve been thinking of since Thing23 was posted. At times during the 23Things I thought ‘Oh no, I’m not going to make it.’ And now, on reaching the end I can say, ‘I made it, hurray!’ Which, for those of you who have watched Flight of the Conchords will remember as a similar line from their music pastiche on LOTR – it’s at 1:10-1:16 in this clip (I believe you can link directly to a spot in a video, can someone teach me this please?**). This pastiche is my very fave version of LOTR, mainly because it’s less than 2 minutes long (rather than 12 hours), and is hilarious.

(BTW, the title of the post is a reference to the Bob Dylan song “It’s all over now, Baby Blue” which probably isn’t about online training programmes, but then, who knows what it’s about?)

(Who knew I could do several cultural references in one blog?)

The End!

**Ok, have been instructed, so here’s the link going direct to the correct place.



“can someone teach me this please?”
Presented in an aloof manner:

Ooh, thanks! I’m going to give that a go now. Also, I need showing how to do that ‘Let me Google that for you’ trick…

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