How many things? Only 23.

There are several reasons why I decided to take on 23Things, including: improving my skills, keeping up and  learning new stuff. I’m looking forward to all the new things I haven’t used before (including Prezi which can make me feel sea-sick if the presenter has lots of swooshing and goes too fast) but am a little concerned about the time commitment. A colleague who completed it last year reassures me it’ll be fine and it won’t be too much work. I’m pleased to see there’s several reflective weeks and some catch up weeks. I can also see me ending up doing some at home (like, right now) instead of in work  if I’ve run out of time in work to do The Thing.

Career wise I’ve been in my current post (Libraries Development Adviser for CyMAL: Museums Archives and Libraries Wales, a policy division of the Welsh Government) for a grand ol’ 6.5 years! I know! My role means I need to know a lot (or a little) about almost all library things going on in Wales, the UK, and possibly beyond. Also I am the programme manager for the Government’s library strategy (Libraries Inspire) but I’ll try not to go on about that here…

My social media skills would be considered low to medium in some settings, and advanced in others, depending on whose company I’m in! I’m always ready to learn more though, and such skills and communication skills are in my annual performance management plan for 2012/13 so when I saw this was starting again I thought it was a good opportunity to get going with it.

I’m also looking forward to making connections with other (Welsh) library folk.

{May 10, 2012}   And we’re off!

Have just taken the plunge and registered with CPD 23 Things. It started Monday 7th May, so I’m only a few days behind already. I’m sure that won’t happen for the rest of the 23 weeks (err…. actually, knowing me, it will!).

Although I have another library blog, and a little-bit-abandoned Welsh language library blog, and a yoga blog (not connected to my library job obviously), I thought I’d have a separate 23 Things blog as I didn’t want my library one to get littered with my ramblings and reflections, and, most people probably won’t want to sign up to follow this, whereas I want all the followers I can get on my library (and yoga) blogs!

Thing 1 – Done.

et cetera